Welcome to 2016, where rising generations see the world through emojis, filtered pictures and live streaming.

By rising generations, we mean us. The millennials. You know, that “lazy”, “selfish” and “entitled” generation. Well, we’re here to put those stereotypes to rest. As millennials, we have been born into an era never seen before – the technology era. With the world changing around technology, we must learn to become innovative and create products that change the world in a positive way. Shouty is beginning this new era by leading a movement.

We don’t want to read about world events.
We want to see, feel and experience what is going on around the world, first hand.

Shouty has developed an app that is not social media, but mobile media. With our mobile media app, users can create and search for events anywhere around the world and capture the atmosphere of every event from multiple perspectives.

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Are you an influencer?

From athletes to musicians to chefs, an influencer is anyone looking to market themselves on a new platform and gain notoriety in their respective craft. Sign up now to be one of the first influencers on our app! 

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