The Ripple Effect


The story begins in early 2016 when Jonathan Hessing (CEO), Austin Schmidt (COO), and Zunair Ukani (CFO) started Shouty from inside of their rental home in Kennesaw, Georgia. With nothing but a great idea and time, the three began traveling around the world attending conferences, meeting with advisors and future business partners, and learning how to develop a media app that would take streaming to the next level.

Each trip taught them that, when building a business, establishing a company culture is crucial. Their travels provided the three with a tremendous amount of personal growth while also building a solid foundation of loyalty and family amongst one another. Upon returning from these trips, they knew that their company culture would reflect the love a family provides.

Now, not even a year later, Shouty has a family made up of 15 extremely dedicated and hardworking individuals. Each team member has changed and grown tremendously due to the personal development that comes with the family-like culture implemented at the Shouty House. The team celebrates their growth together, but understands that it is because of each member’s individual talents and passions that success can be achieved. This is what Shouty refers to as spreading “Good Vibes.”

Shouty’s VP of Art and Design, Sam Budow, originally came up with the ripple graphic to portray the idea of “shouting” or talking into a megaphone (which was Shouty’s original logo). As time went on, she and the team realized that the ripple portrayed Shouty’s brand far better than the megaphone ever could in terms of the overall good vibes of the company and the movement that was resulting from them.

Creating a ripple effect takes so much more than just 3 dedicated people to shake the market. With 15, Shouty has started creating some ripples. With your help, we can begin to spread these ripples across the map. What are you waiting for? Join the movement and make a splash.


Samantha Budow

Open-minded graphic design student seeking opportunities to learn, grow, create, and spark change.