Shouty is a mobile media app that allows its users to create events that will be streamed under its four main categories: fashion, music, sports, and lifestyle. Once an event is created, the administrator of the event can choose to make it public or private as well as filter which content will be publically posted.

Not creating an event? That’s cool, too. Shouty allows users to see and post to all public events that have been created. With a single swipe, you can now experience front row seats to the 2016 World Series. Sports aren’t your thing? Swipe again and you can be submerged in the crowd of Kanye West’s Life of Pablo Tour. With Shouty, the power to explore your passion is literally in the palms of your hands.

Shouty will be released for both iOS and Android in the Fall of 2016.

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The Story

Like all good stories, this one starts in a bar.

Alabama goes to kick a field goal to win the game, but the ball falls short. Auburn catches it and returns it over the length of the field for a touchdown, causing one of the craziest plays in NCAA history.

Founders Jonathan Hessing and Austin Schmidt noticed that the bar they were at in Kennesaw, Georgia was going nuts, and they could not help but wonder, "What's it like in Tuscaloosa or Auburn right now?" After searching on a multitude of social media platforms, they could find very little capturing the atmosphere... And so it began.

Since then, the team has raised half of their seed round in funding and brought in a third partner as CFO, Zunair Ukani.  The team has moved into a house together in Kennesaw, Georgia (paralleling the lives of Mark Zuckerberg in "The Social Network" or the lives of the men in the T.V. show "Silicon Valley"), and hired nine additional members to the team. 

Shouty is currently in the pre-launch stage. The application is currently undergoing beta testing and is set to launch by the end of September.

Shouty is having its first official launch party in New York City in October.
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